Being a Global Citizen event set for March 12


Aileen Church, pre-nursing junior, and Mikallah Alexander, psychology junior, are hosting a Being a Global Citizen forum on March 12 in Bolin 127 from 4 – 5:30 p.m.

The Campus Cultural Committee will be hosting an Around the World in 3 Days series of events March 11-13 to increase cultural awareness on campus while holding a forum on the 12.

Kerdell Cuffy, finance sophomore, is the chair of the Campus Cultural Committee and is helping host these events.

“The events are geared toward educating people about international culture through social and academic activities,” Cuffy said. “People tend to judge and look at others based on what they know without fully understanding them and their culture.”

Makallah Alexander, psychology junior, is among others in the Campus Cultural Committee that is hosting the forum on March 12 which is free for all students, staff, and faculty. The Being a Global Citizen event will be held from 4 – 5:30 p.m. in Bolin 127.

“If you’re interested in developing your networking skills and learning how to view things from a different perspective you should come,” Alexander said. “You will get a good grasp of different cultures, peoples backgrounds, and will give you a top hand as to how to approach an individual that is different from you.”

Aileen Church, pre-nursing junior, is also helping host the forum and is encouraging students to come.

“The forum is to enhance knowledge about different cultures of places around the world as well as here on campus and how to appreciate and respect them on a whole new level,” Church said.  “It’s a totally new experience and it’s going to be lots of fun with prizes.”

The prizes have been donated from multiple organizations including the Caribbean Cultural Club.

“Dr. Michael Mills is the forum facilitator who will be having an open discussion about international culture on the global stage, on campus, and in our personal lives,” Cuffy said. “He will discuss how to be sensitive to different cultures and how break stereotypes about different cultures since many people don’t know much about other cultures.”

Mills will ask questions to the panel which includes Nelson Passos, Kirsten Lodge, and Jeff Hood. Cuffy said the panelist will state their views and then the audience will have time after to state theirs.

Julia Orozco, nursing sophomore, plans on attending the events to hopefully learn more about other cultures. She has a Colombian heritage and says that she wants to be able to understand more about other cultural besides her own.

“My family always celebrates our heritage with food and music, so I’m interested to see how other cultures engage in theirs,” Orozco said.