Career Management Center helps students to make a better future

The Career Management Center is a place that transfers students from the safe world of college to being stable out in the real world.

“The Career Management Center exists to assist students in making a smooth and successful transition to life after MSU.  Whether that is in gaining admission to graduate/professional school or securing employment,” Dirk Welch, director of the Career Management Center and Testing Center said.

Welch sees a necessity for the Career Management Center because of all the services and aid it provides to the students looking to their future.

“To increase one’s chances of getting hired or being accepted into a graduate/professional school, students need to market themselves effectively. The Career Management Center has services and resources to help students and alumni. We assist students in acquiring the skills, knowledge, and confidence to be successful in every aspect of the job and graduate school search process,” Welch said.

Listing out what each of these resources they provide to students were and how it makes the students seem more valuable. With this, he began talking about the resume and letter writing development process.

The students can get resume critiques in person, through email, or within the system.

Welch also talked about how the staff could help students get into graduate school and planning for after college.

“We help to look at the student’s resume, application letter, and personal statement reviews by doing it in person or through email. We also help the students with preparing materials for several of the entrance exams required for those schools,” Welch said.

Talking about how they could help with graduate school, he also talked about how the staff at the career center could prepare students for jobs and helping them improve their skills in the interviewing process.

The Career Center helps students in customizing their plan of action, and honing their interview skills through mock interviews to improve the student’s confidence and to be prepared for jobs and job interviews.

The Career Management Center staff uses the money to have an operational budget of approximately $15,000 which is used to pay for software programs such as Vault and System. Budget allocation also includes marketing and promotions, office supplies, copier and printing costs.

Welch said a staff budget of approximately is used $175,000 to employ four staff members, including the director, assistant director, college coordinator, and administrative assistant. They also spend the Budget allocation, approximately $16,000 to employ graduate students. The thing he is most proud of that came out of the Career Management Center is the Career Closet.

“We provide men’s and women’s professional attire which is available to be checked out for free by students when going on employment/graduate school-related interviews or when attending our networking events to help them look the part,” Welch said.

When they do start to get more items in they start to give out clothes for free by wheeling the clothes out in front of their office.

“Periodically throughout the year, we place excess donated clothing in the hallway outside of our office for students to take for free to help establish their professional wardrobe,” Welch said.

The department sees on a daily basis of 10 to 13 students a day.

The goal of the career center is to help us with the transition process into the real world and Welch said.

“Throughout the years, employers have constantly rated resumes, cover letters and the interview skills of students utilizing the Career Management Center as being good to excellent. It is critical to job search success to excel in these components of the process. The Career Management Center is here to assist in your success,” Welch said.