Black Student Union holds talent show auditions

Khirstia Sheffield
Dallas Wabbington, English sophomore, performs a spoken word about mixed Americans at the auditions for the talent show Feb. 13.

Five talents. Five brave individuals. Five minutes.

In a small, dim room, the celebration of Black History Month continued as the Black Student Union members honored their ancestors through the talents upheld by students.

Over the course of five minutes or less, students showcased their talents for the five judges. Acts that were appealing and moving to the judges had the possibility of continuing on to the final round.

The auditions from 5-7:30 p.m. and only five students auditioned.

Why did students audition?

Dallas Wabbington, English sophomore | “A friend recommended it to me in our group chat. I also wanted to do a spoken word piece about mixed Americans to bring more awareness to the struggles we face.”

Kenidee Cooper, education freshman | “I really love to sing. It’s important to me that people know I have talent. I’m here to let my voice be heard.”

Grantley Samuels, mechanical engineering senior | “It’s a talent show and I have talent. I wanted to bring a different presence to the talent show because my talent is different.”

Lauryn Butler, psychology sophomore | “I auditioned so that I could face my fear of performing in front of an audience. This could change some things for me.”

What did students gain from this experience?  

Wabbington | “It’s not that I gained anything, but I did have the ability to put awareness out there. Many people don’t realize the discrimination mixed Americans face. We exist and black history month is our month too.”

Cooper | “I gained more confidence by auditioning today. Now I feel more confident in my voice.”

Samuels | “I didn’t necessarily gain anything from this experience, but I learned that I need to practice more. Things change when you face an audience, and I need to be more prepared for that.”

Butler | “I lost a few nerves. I’ve always been shy when it comes to expressing myself through my voice, but now I’m opening up more. Overtime I hope to be more confident.

Who inspired students to audition?

Wabbington | “It was a spur of the moment kind of thing. But if I had to choose someone, it would be my mom. I look up to my mom because I know what she goes through, so I do this for her.”

Cooper | “My girlfriend is always pushing me to perform, so she inspired me to audition today.”

Samuels | “No one really inspired me to audition. I inspire myself, so when I heard about the auditions, I knew I had to come out.”

Butler | “The friends I surround myself with inspire me every day. I am really appreciative that they pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone. I needed that.”

The talent show will be held Feb. 21 in Comanche located in the Clark Student Center.