RHA to host Casino Night Feb. 16

To give students a chance to just have a little bit of fun, Residence Hall Association members are hosting “Casino Night.”

“We are going to have five tables set up for five different games. There will be snacks and prizes from the bookstore,”history junior and RHA president Brenda Morales said. “Some of the officers and representatives will be there so they get to meet the students. They can inform students more about RHA, and students can get to know the faces that represent their residence halls.”

Morales said they wanted to do something that was oriented around being inside because of the potential for bad weather.

“We will have some well-known games like poker and 21. We will also have simpler games like Speed. It doesn’t matter if you’re not an expert at playing card games because we’ll have representatives to help out and printouts with the rules of the games,” Morales said.

The event was originally going to be set up as stations, and students would have had to rotate. However, Morales said it would be better if the students choose where they want and don’t want to play. There’s no limit on how many times a student plays.

Savannah Lopez, social work freshman, said she is looking forward to having fun, to winning prizes and to getting to know more about RHA.

“I am thinking about joining. I enjoy the RHA events because they help me get out of my room and socialize more,” Lopez said.

RHA hosts events throughout the semester, including a Rocket League tournament, arts and crafts, movie nights, and game nights for the residents.

“We are hoping to at least get 40 people in there. Our last event which was Canvas Night was really good,” Morales said. “[Casino Night] will be competitive but in a fun way so we hope students come out and enjoy the night,” Morales said.

Kaylie Roye, nursing freshman, said, “Going to these events helps me become more involved and getting to know people. They relieve me from all the stress. They give me a break from studying so I will definitely be going.”