Cultural Greek Council completes community service at Faith Mission

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Members of the Cultural Greek Council came together for a day of community service at Faith Mission, Feb. 2.

Member of Sigma Lambda Alpha, Esperanza Guzman, education junior, said she enjoys being able to give back to the community.

“They [the homeless] aren’t given the chance. A lot of people who need chances are not given them and it’s just important to help them, and take care of each other,” Guzman said.

The mission of Sigma Lambda Alpha sorority is to unite different cultures together through community service involvement.

“Last semester we did a parking lot clean up in Wichita Falls, Boys and Girls Club, which I love so much, I love kids. We did a Halloween party and served food, had candy and also face paintings. We did a food drive, and we just do a lot of stuff. You name it, we’ve probably done it,” Guzman said.

Other attendees included members from the Omega Delta Phi Fraternity. About 30 people came out to volunteer.

A member of Omega Delta Phi, Ken Fagan, criminal justice junior, said paying it forward and giving back is important to him.

“Honestly, that’s the only reason I joined the fraternity, was to find more opportunities to give back to the community,” Fagan said.

Fagan said it is important for them [the fraternity] to give back because they are a social service fraternity, but they focus more on the service because of the feeling of helping out in the community.

“We volunteer here [Faith Mission], the food bank, the Humane Society, and I like to volunteer at the YMCA because I used to work there, and just different Boys and Girls clubs,” Fagan said.

A Omega Delta Phi member, David Brown, criminal justice junior, said two of the main values of their fraternity are to graduate their members and serve the community.

“We are a social fraternity but we are really big on service, we love to give back. That is our main goal,” Brown said.

Brown said their service includes a program at Barwise Middle School mentoring the students.

“We mentor the kids, teach them how to tie a tie, teach them priorities and goals, so it’s a really good time,” Brown said.

Brown said they try and volunteer every other Saturday to get 30 hours of community service.

“We are friendly and really like to help out, and usually with fraternities you only hear about parties and just brotherhood, but one of our biggest things is giving back and helping out people. We love to help people and I think that’s what separates us from the rest,” Brown said.

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