Campus organization sells popcorn to raise funds

Monique Fields, Reporter

Pre-Professional Health Sciences Society hosted a “Poppin’ Fundraiser” on Feb. 4 in the Clark Student Center food court. They sold Deanan Gourmet Popcorn to raise money.

“We mainly just wanted to do the fundraiser so that we could raise money for our organization, so that we can have a larger scholarship at the end of the semester and so that we can also have more money to do events around campus,” said Natalie McLaurin, vice president of pre-professionals and exercise science and biology senior.

Members said they  wanted to raise money in an unique way.

“I feel like every semester someone wants to a do a bake sale,” said David Ahle, president of pre-professionals and biology junior.

McLaurin said, “People actually like popcorn, so we decided to go with that.”

The popcorn was $3 for one bag, and $5 for two bags. The flavors were butter, caramel and sea salt, cheddar, vanilla, cheese, kettle corn, salsa and cheddar, white cheddar, and dark chocolate.

“I didn’t know you could flavor popcorn so many ways, but you sure can,” said Ahle.

Ahle said, they not only wanted to host a fundraiser to gain funds to organize events, but he wanted to make sure the members gain the communication skills.

“A lot of people are really book smart, really intelligent, smart people and they can’t talk to people. Communicating with people is a huge thing in medicine,” Ahle said. “Doing a little fundraiser, raising money for the organization so we can put on a tailgate or a spring activity kind of kills two birds with one stone. We can get people interacting with people and get them out of their shell a little bit.”