Black Student Union holding auditions for sixth annual talent show

The Black Student Union will be holding the sixth annual talent show allowing students to showcase their abilities, including, dancing, singing, and reading poetry.

Tre’Vonne Bradford, president of BSU and exercise physiology senior, said,“Talent is a creative art. Are you able to sing, dance, or just create anything that a peer may take interest in? Are you able to capture a crowd with your presence? That’s talent to me!”

The BSU talent show gives students a platform to broadcast their talents, and creatively express themselves without judgement.

“The talent show allows students to express themselves and talents while helping build the confidence to showcase those talents,” said Bradford.

Not only do BSU members have confidence that students participating will benefit from this experience, the students attending will benefit as well.

Jamilah Kangudja, parliamentarian of BSU and exercise physiology junior said, “This event benefits both the crowd and participants by giving the participants a platform and the crowd a chance to be a witness to others hidden talents.”

BSU leaders said students who participate in the talent show auditions, regardless if they continue on to the final round, will gain confidence and conquer fears, while achieving the ability to connect with other students outside of their typical friend group.

“I expect students to gain confidence and conquer the fear of stage fright while also providing exposure for their talents,” Bradford said.

Lil’e Ates, executive member of BSU and psychology junior, said, “It’s always a great opportunity for students on campus to be able to show what talents they have because they may not get another opportunity due to school or busy schedules.”

Outside of gaining experience, and conquering fears BSU works together as a collective to ensure students enjoy themselves at the talent show onstage and offstage.

“For the audience, we try to involve them as much as possible and hype them up between contestants,” said Ates. “As long as everyone gets to enjoy themselves, our organization has done its job. We’re all about creating a positive atmosphere for everyone while educating.”

Since 2014, this organization has been dedicated to empowering students from different backgrounds and cultures. While helping students build a community through talent and guide students into gaining experience from talents they may be unfamiliar.