Ski/Snowboard Spring Break Trip!

On Jan. 23 at 7:30 p.m. in the Legacy Commons Multipurpose Room, Steve Hilton held the first informational meeting concerning the first annual ski/snowboard trip open to both students and faculty. Those who attended the informational meeting were able to address any questions they had concerning the spring break trip, including costs and other accommodations.

Steve Hilton, associate professor in the Department of Fine Arts, said creating this trip could possibly connect students and faculty in ways like never before.

“Students have the possibility of interacting in a different way. This creates a bond and connection between faculty and students. It’s really important,” Hilton said.

With a maximum of 15 students over the course of six days, Hilton plans to create an environment where students and faculty can interact freely while experiencing the beautiful scenery of Wolf Creek, Colorado.

“Bringing faculty and students together outside of the classroom is the biggest reason I created this trip. It’s my job,” said Hilton.

Both students and faculty can expect to pay around $400 depending on whether they want to ski or snowboard. The total cost does not include the cost for food or lessons for those who lack experience in skiing or snowboarding. Students are encouraged to bring extra money for both food and lessons, running at about $203-$254 in extra expense. Although, some may view this as expensive Hilton is open to conducting fundraisers to help reduce the price, and has word that $1,000 in subsidies would bring the price down for each student by $68.

“Funding can be reduced through service projects, such as habitat for humanities, and nature centers near Wolf Creek Colorado,” said Hilton.

With Colorado being a hot spot for families and college students during spring break, the prices are expected to be on the high end. Considering that, the price range still seemed to be affordable to students.

Julia Anderson, criminal justice junior said, “I think the price is reasonable. Colorado is super expensive and to be able to go for such a long period of time is super cheap.”

A nonrefundable deposit of $120 is due by Feb. 4 for those interested and payments can be made through Housing and Residence Life with Norma Ramirez. The final payments are due by Mar. 4 and the reduction of the total cost will be applied if fundraising or other subsidies take place

Kenneth Roberts, business junior said, “It’s definitely a steal. Going any other time would be more expensive.”

On Monday, Jan. 28 at 7:30 p.m. Hilton will hold the second informational meeting in Legacy Commons Multipurpose Room. Students and faculty who were unable to attend the first meeting are welcome to join the open discussion to gather more information about the spring break trip.