‘Jurassic World’ movie screening hosted by RHA

Legacy Multipurpose Room where ‘Jurassic World’ was screened.

The Residence Hall Association hosted a movie night with a screening of Jurassic World on Nov. 9 at 8 p.m. The movie screening took place at Legacy’s Multipurpose Room.

“With RHA events we focus mostly on the residence halls since we’re the Residence Hall Association, so all of our events happen in the residence halls. Each residence hall does different events,” criminal justice senior and RHA president Steven Ehlert said.

Previous events held by the RHA include game nights in Pierce Hall, girls nights in Killingsworth Hall, and movie nights and ice cream socials in Trigg Hall. In the upperclassmen apartments, the RHA have hosted cookouts.

“In Legacy we do the bigger events such as this movie screening which is for all of the residents because there’s 500 students in Legacy,” Ehlert said.

Because of an increase in budget, Friday’s showing of Jurassic World was the first time that the RHA have hosted a movie night of that scale.

“So last semester we didn’t have a big budget, so we applied for a budget this semester and now we have a [bigger] budget,” Ehlert said.

The choice of movie was also determined by the RHA at the beginning of the semester.

“We voted on a movie and [Jurassic World] was the one that got selected,” Ehlert said. “[one of the other choices]  was some new movie called Jumanji.”

The event was promoted through the use of flyers and the secretary elect of the RHA dressing up as a dinosaur and advertising around the Commons.

“I found out when they had the dinosaur going around the Commons,” finance junior Karina Maynard said. “I was intrigued. I was like ‘what is that?’”

In addition to the movie screening, the RHA also provided popcorn and hot chocolate to the students who went.

“I didn’t expect snacks,” psychology freshman Ra’Chanel Bailey said. “I know last time when they showed the Incredibles 2, they had just basic popcorn and things like that. I figured that was fine because it was a movie.”

Having a movie screening on campus makes it easier for students who have limited transportation to have the movie theater experience.

“Some people don’t feel comfortable taking the bus and other people don’t have transportation, so this does give them something on campus that they can do with their friends,” Bailey said. “I do think it is a good idea, but I think that one other way that they could probably improve it is by letting people vote on the movie that they actually would want to see. I feel like it would get more attraction if it was something that people really, truly wanted to see.”

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