Freshman express first finals worries

With final exams only two weeks away, students are preparing for the upcoming chaos that are finals.

“I feel nervous about my finals just because they are going to be the first college finals I’ll experience,” Dalton Drennan, pre-dental and biology freshman said. “Other than that I feel like my professors have done the best for me they can and now it’s up to me to study and prepare myself further. My biggest worry is that the material I study will not be on the exam.”

Students like Drennan feel like their professors have done everything they can to prepare them for their finals.

“I’m really not nervous or anything for my finals,” Lexi Mason, history freshman said. “I feel like my professors here want me to pass so they do everything they can to prepare me.”

Jashona Bratcher, psychology freshman, said her professors have also provided her with everything she needs to know for her finals.

“It’s now my job to study and retain all the material I’ve been taught,” Bratcher said. “They have given me the proper tools, now I need to utilize them.”

Some students, however, do not feel like they have been properly prepared for their upcoming finals.

It’s now my job to study and retain all the material I’ve been taught,

— Jashona Bratcher, psychology freshmen

“I know I am not prepared for any of my exams,” Kaitlyn Williams, undecided freshmen said. “But I am not super nervous, I will do my best on them and try to study but that is all I can really do at this point.”

According to Grace Weaver, education freshman, the start of the semester was difficult for her, but she said after some adjusting she now feels more confident and prepared for her finals.

“Once I adjusted and began to understand what my professors expected of me in each class I felt much better about final exams,” Weaver said. “I now know what I need to do to prepare, and hopefully pass all of them.”

Knowing how to prepare isn’t as easy for some freshman.

“My biggest worry for my finals is that I don’t think I know how to properly prepare,” Garrett Walsh, criminal justice freshman said.

Levi Fillmore, kinesiology freshman, said preparation is his biggest worry also.

“I don’t think I’m prepared enough,” Fillmore said. “High school is so different and I never really needed to study then. Now the classes are more difficult and I’m not sure how to prepare for them the right way.”

Some freshman, like Angela Walters, history freshmen, said that they feel confident for their final exams.

“I believe only taking 12 hours my first semester and only taking courses I know I will succeed in helped me feel more confident,” Walters said.

Heather Randall, nursing sophomore, said the best thing a student can do to prepare is to get an appropriate amount of rest.

“Studying is a huge necessity in making sure you are well prepared for your finals, but above all else your body needs rest,” Heather Randall, nursing sophomore, said. “You can know all of the material, but if your body doesn’t have the proper amount of rest, your score will suffer.”


“As a freshman, I camped out in the library overnight,” Randall said. “During this time I would study for a bit, go to sleep, wake up and repeat. I over prepared for my final exams but my lack of rest came back and bit me in the behind.”

Stressing out about the exams, Casey Albrikes, biology and chemistry sophomore, said, isn’t going to help a student prepare for the test any better.

“My biggest fear I had as a freshman was that I wasn’t prepared enough, and that caused a lot of stress,” Alrbikes said. “Freshmen need to hear this- stressing about studying cuts into studying time. The test is going to happen either way, stressing isn’t going to help you prepare.”

Rylie Simmons, nursing junior, said that working hard from the beginning of the semester makes for easier final exams.

“It’s a lot better to have wiggle room at the end of the semester than trying to figure out what grade you need on your final to pass,” Simmons said. “Work hard and have fun.”