Students and community members participate in 5k and fun run

Amber Hernandez and Kristin Silva

In celebration of homecoming week, the athletics program and Wellness Center hosted a 5k and fun run Oct. 27 at 9 a.m.

28 participants, a mix of students and community members, stood at the starting line and waited for their signal to go. Some students like Kiley Bagley, sophomore dental hygiene, prepared for the run, in advance.

“I run twice a week so, in a way, I’m ready for it,” Bagley said. “I ran for a free T-shirt and food. I run a decent amount so it wasn’t bad.”

Chris Lipscomb, Oklahoma resident and first place overall competitor, said he drove 45 minutes to the campus to run in the 5k.

“I do it year round and I wanted to get my morning run in,” Lipscomb said. “Running is the easy part, visiting after is what I like doing. ”

After finishing the race, Lipscomb walked over to Sikes Lake and ran another eight miles before the award ceremony.

Anna Hern, Wichita Falls local, said she decided to run in the 5k for exercise.

“I just like to run and I like doing the long stuff,” Hern said. “I think running is the absolute best exercise on two feet.”

Constance Caraway, sophomore education, heard about the 5k in one of her classes and decided to go with two friends.

“I heard there would be breakfast and T-shirts [with registration] so that’s why I wanted to come,” Caraway said.

This was Bagley’s first time to do a 5k and she was able to grab first place for her age group.

Kristen Longo, freshman art, chose to do the 5k to get involved in the different activities on campus.

“Since this is my first semester, I’m trying to do the things the campus has to offer and get involved,” Longo said. “This is my first time to run a 5k.”

Dara Cunningham and Nadia Serna, education juniors, said they ran for the same reason as other student participants.

“I ran for the same reason as Dara – for extra-credit, a free breakfast and a free T-shirt,” Serna said.