Torchlight Parade brings school spirit


Clara Ukwitgyetse

Students march in the Torchlight parade.

Alyssa Mitchell and Chloe Phillips

A street full of flickering torchlights lit up the night as students put another year under the belt of the annual homecoming Torchlight Parade. From wanting to support our school to just enjoying the heat, over 100 attendees had their reasons for participating in the homecoming tradition.

Attendee Comments

“I went to the Torchlight Parade because I wanted to get involved this year. This is my second homecoming and I was just really excited to participate and it seemed fun and it was a nice way to spend the night.” | Melissa Kocks, psychology sophomore

“I like the Torchlight Parade because it brings out a lot of students to come together and celebrate homecoming but it’s also kind of fun to play with all the fire. It also looks really pretty with all the torches.” | Eliza Cameron, English junior

“Well this is actually my first time. It is a new experience for me because I’m not from the states so I’m just trying to soak it in and understand the culture behind it and I’ve enjoyed my week so far so i’m looking forward to next year.” | Tyler Jones, biology senior

“This is my first to attend and I think its very pretty with all the lights and I look forward to coming next year which is my last year before I graduate.” | Shervonne Joseph, biology pre-med senior

“The lights are really pretty and I like how everyone is together all walking to the big bonfire and I’m excited to see the bonfire.” | Mia Chamblee, chemistry pre-med freshman

“My favorite thing about Torchlight is getting to hold the torches and hanging out with friends, it’s the best time ever getting to look cool.” | Haylie Holman, mathematics freshman

“I heard lots of people, mostly from social media saying ‘come on people you should go’ people were encouraging it so I wanted to try it out. I don’t trust myself with the torch, I rather just watch.” | Samantha Venegas, nursing freshman

“It’s cold [outside], I like the heat [from the torches] and I like that everyone actually participates in this event.” | Danielle Veals, nursing sophomore

“I like the fire, because it’s heat because it’s cold out here.” | Ty’ran Beard, kinesiology sophomore

“I honestly don’t know what to expect, this is my first bonfire experience ever overall I’m quite excited for it I look forward to more of it in the future.” | Maverick Moxie, pre-physical therapy and physiology freshman

“That was awesome, to see all those torches, that was great.” | Katharina Kern, marketing junior

“[I wanted to come] because I’ve been there before and I haven’t gone a lot and wanted to come to more homecoming events this year.” | Alexis Mendez, psychology senior

“I just feel like I wanna be apart of the school, to support this school and it’s homecoming.” | Ola Aydoele, applied scienced junior

“Just wanting to get to know more people, and just be apart of this school. [I’m now looking forward to] the football game and the parties.” | Nicholas Ramirez, education freshman

“I just wanna get with the community, feel the presence of everybody and to do something outside of studying all the time.” | Anh Tran, exercise physiology senior

“My friends are coming. This is actually my first year here, I’m a transfer student and I just wanted to see what it’s all about.” | Nicole Linen, psychology junior