Sophomore has busy days while involved in church, work

Devon Hagy, nursing sophomore, “God centered”

Devon Hagy
Devon Hagy, nursing sophomore

Devon Hagy, sophomore nursing, full-time student, part-time Old Navy employee, youth leader at Colonial Church, and  student leader at Baptist Student Ministry has busy days, but was able to make time for an interview of what a typical day looks like for her and why she chooses to be involved in everything she is involved in.

Q.| What is the Baptist Student Ministry, and why are you part of it?

A.| We’re a campus organization that is Baptist, but you don’t have to be Baptist to join. I feel like there’s a stereotype that we’re really secluded and that we’re hypocrites, but we have the saying “come, grow, go.” We want to invite people to come to know who we are and who Jesus is. We want people to grow in Jesus, grow together, and we have this determination to send people to go into the world to spread the word and just share the gospel. This year I joined leadership because I wanted to take that next step to help others who are in the position I was in.

Q.| What do you like about BSM?

A.| I really like the open community. Everyone is so welcoming and super sweet and you can walk through the door and not know anyone, and people will recognize that so they’re going to come up to you and start asking who you are and getting to know you.

Q.| What do you do in BSM?

A.| This is my second year being involved in it and first year in leadership. We have a lot of different ministries in the BSM. As for my ministry, I’m partnered with another person and we are in the Vernon location. That just means we go to Vernon College in Wichita Falls and we have a free lunch every Tuesday and a Bible study every Thursday. I’m more in charge of the Bible study and I really like it. It’s a lot of fun to lay out the plans and to really dig into the Bible and see people see the relevance of it in their own lives. Then we all help contribute at MSU’s free lunches on Wednesday’s, Refuel services on Thursday nights, and outreach projects.

Q.| How has being in BSM affected your college experience?

A.| It has really given me a community of people who are like minded who I can grow with. We all have a Godly mindset and we all want to grow more in our faith and to be developed in that. To have all of my relationships God centered is just really nice and gives me a new community.

Q.| What does your typical day look like?

A.| Each day varies, but Tuesdays and Thursdays are usually my most packed. Tuesdays, I go to class then I have a break from 9:20 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. then I go back to class. After class, I go over to have lunch with Vernon College and right after the lunch I go to work. Thursdays are pretty much the same as Tuesdays, but I go to the BSM during my little break since we have Bible study later that day, that’s more my role. This is when I get Bibles, paper, different snacks and coffee together. Then after my last class, I go over to Vernon College for the Salt Group Bible study and go to work after that. Sometimes I just go over to the BSM to just be there because it’s a good environment.

Q.| What do you like to do in your free time?

A.| I really like climbing and I love sports. I’m not good at them, but I love playing them. I like going and working out, and it’s more fun to go with a friend because I can be care free, not care what I look like when I work out and just do it to have fun. I also love star gazing. Just to lay out in the grass and look up at the stars. It’s just really cool because the stars are like my favorite natural wonder. I also really like painting and watercolors and I love doing DIY’s, like remodeling stuff and sewing. I’m kind of like an old woman when it comes to hobbies and sewing. I actually made my Halloween costume last year when I was Moana and I made it all out of felt, an old T-shirt, and some paint.

Q.| How do you balance it all?

A.| It’s really hard. Not only am I involved in the BSM but I’m also a youth leader at Colonial Church and have a part-time job and I’m a full-time student. These first few weeks I was struggling really hard to balance leadership with all my other responsibilities, but I’m now starting to get the hang of it and not procrastinating as much. I think it’s just not looking at it from an earthly perspective. Like knowing that everything is going to be okay in the end, and if it’s not okay then it’s not the end.

Q.| What do you do when it does get too overwhelming?

A.| Usually I just sit down and open my Bible and just start reading. It’s something that kind of calms me down and strengthens me, lets me know that it’s going to be okay and that these earthly problems won’t matter in the end.

Q.| Do you have anything you’d like to add?

A.| Yes! The BSM is always open and we always have open arms to welcome people. If you ever feel like you’re an outcast, you’re lost or you don’t have anyone else to go to and we don’t even know you, we are always free to contact and come to us. We don’t have any judgement and we aren’t the kind to yell at you for doing something wrong. We’re not your mom. We will love you and cherish you. We want to show you that you’re worthy and that you were made for a purpose and that you have a reason that you’re here and that you’re not done yet.