Keeping our campus clean

Our View: We believe that students should be more concerned about our environment. Being involved can help keep our community and campus clean and healthy.

In fall of 2017 The Environmental Student Organization was formed by students to help keep the campus “green”. This group was originally called the Environmental Science Organization but changed to its current name to include students from all walks of life. This organization gives us a way to give back to our community and environment through different activities. We believe that this organization is doing wonders for our campus and community that students should get more involved. Being more environmentally conscious could help us keep the surrounding community and campus healthy.

This campus has various ways for you to be more environmentally friendly. You can use the multiple water fountains around campus to fill up reusable water bottles instead of using plastic bottles. The campus also has recycling bins and large recycling dumpsters placed around campus for students and faculty use. It is very easy to get involved using these items.

Although it is a very small act towards being more environmentally friendly, small steps can make big changes and we hope to see this campus change for the better.