MSU should have a fall break

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Ryan O’Malley

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Have you ever been jealous that your friend attending another university has a break during the fall and you do not?

It’s that time of year again where many universities are having a fall break and I think MSU should have a fall break as well. Of the 68 people who responded to my Twitter poll, 79 percent said yes to having a fall break.

Our fall break should occur during the first or second week of October right before midterms. As an example, Cameron University has its fall break Oct. 18-19. We go from the beginning of August to November with no days off between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. Having a fall break would benefit students in a few ways.

Students would have time to regroup before midterms and would help take stress off of students as well as giving students who have slacked off a chance to catch up and try to bring up their grades. Students would also be able to catch up on sleep because we know that college students lack sleep due to homework and studying. It would give students a chance to go home and see their families, to pick up winter clothes and a new tube of toothpaste — especially those who are always busy and never get a chance to go home until Thanksgiving. It also helps the professors out. They can also have some family time or time catch up on all the different things they do on campus.

Some people however are opposed to a fall break.

Education junior Lindsey Sarabia said we have enough breaks, and she wants to be in school as much as possible so she can be ready in her field when the time comes.

Respiratory care junior Christian Robles was also against having a fall break. Robles said his program is very demanding and he is continuously learning so he would be prepared before he got sent out to work in a hospital. He said if he had a fall break it would cause him to slack off.

I disagree.

Having a fall break, indeed would help us all be more mentally prepared for our classwork and jobs after graduation.

Leave your comments. It’s time our Board of Regents supported a fall break.




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