Family Day brings crowd of 175 despite the rain


Jared Bruner

Tau Kappa Epsilon member Kyle Carpenter, junior mechanical engineering major, and Gamma Phi Beta member Rachel Roberts, junior dental hygiene major, play cornhole at the Tau Kappa Epsilon booth for the tailgate on Oct. 6 2018 at Memorial Stadium. Photo by Jared Bruner

Despite the rain, about 175 students and their parents attended the Family Day tailgate, Oct. 6. From the sound of laughter, music and the food discada, a mixed meat dish, jalapeño poppers and sticky rice— the weather did not put a damper on the attendees moods.

Caleb Acuna, alumni | “[What Family Day means to me is] great food, like the one we’re eating right now, discada , and just hanging out with the community”

Emma Kate Acuna, alumni | “It’s a time to include all of our families and just our lives here in Wichita Falls and just show off our school and all the fun events hat we get to do.”

Cindy Reyes, social work senior | “I just think it’s really neat seeing families get together and them being able to hang out with their child. I just think it’s cool how they just sacrificially give their time to come and visit them just spend time with them. No [I don’t have any family members with me at the tailgate] but, just watching other families just having a good time is really encouraging.”

Lydia Acuna, exercise physiology freshman | “It’s a day where I kind of get my family what I’m doing in college and that’s really cool because I’m from Wichita Falls so my family gets to like help out in the tailgate and they cook the food so, just to share with my friends like ‘hey, this is my family’ and vice versa like ‘family these are friends’. So, the worlds kind of connect and it’s really cool just to share the tailgate and the football game with your family.”

Julia Lucas, early childhood education senior | “Family Day is a day where everyone just comes together even if you don’t have a family MSU is your family  so, it’s just like celebrating each other.  No [I don’t have any family visiting me for family day] but I have my friends so this is my family. For my freshman year, my family came then after that I was like ‘friends who don’t have family, let’s all go’.”

Danielle Veals, nursing sophomore | “For those who stay far away, family day is a day where you can finally see your family and allow them to see what fun your school has to offer.”