Greek Mustangs Stampede the Yard

Angel Clara Ukwitegyetse, Reporter

To expose the student body to more of the diverse Greek life activities, Stampede The Yard was held on Sept. 17 at Sunwatcher Plaza. The showcase of stepping, strolling and saluting, traditional dance practices of culturally based fraternities and sororities was the second of four of the Cultural Greek Council’s recruitment week events.

Students were engaged and the energy was contagious as each organization performed their individual strolls, participated in a group dance and a special surprise performance from Syreeta Greene, director of equity, inclusion and multicultural affairs, who also happened to be the MC for the evening.

“The event was awesome! I like that MSU supports Greek life period because it encourages people from all walks of life to learn leadership skills, participate in community service, and in our case experience sisterhood,” Jodi Mayberry, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. graduate advisor, said.

The CGC is made up of the culturally based fraternities and sororities on campus; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., Sigma Lambda Alpha, Omega Delta Phi and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.

“When we look at the time these organizations were founded often times on college campus they weren’t receiving the support they needed,” Greene said. “What’s different about this CGC recruitment week is that it’s simply exposure. At the end of the week students don’t necessarily need to know which organization they want to join, it just starts their journey of understanding whether Greek life is for them and if it is, which organization would be the best fit.”

The sentiment is important to note seeing as these organizations were founded and continue to exist and thrive today as a way for students to celebrate identity, culture and tradition. As well as to get the support and professional leadership development that they are looking for in a culturally supportive way.

“I have never seen anything like this and there are so many different sororities, I may actually join one,” Toni Oladipo, MIS freshman, said of the event.

For application forms and all other such information about how to join Greek life on campus, it can be found on each organization’s respective Mustangs Link page.

“I hope that the students see how well the CGC sororities and fraternities get along and want to join us in celebrating culture and see how we serve our community,” Vanessa Guzman said, Sigma Lambda Alpha community chair, said.

In addition to the recruitment week activities that concluded over the weekend, The CGC will be hosting Barbershop Talk, and Sister to Sister, both events aimed at curating conversations that help foster a sense of community, empathy and cultural awareness among the young men and women on campus.