Volleyball falls to West Texas A&M

The West Texas A&M lady buffs defeated the Mustangs in three sets on Sept. 8. The first set ended with a score of 25-19, the second 25-18, and the third 25-17. Although the outcome was not in favor of the Mustangs, head coach Valerie Armstrong said there was more urgency this game than the day before when the Mustangs suffered a loss to Eastern New Mexico University.

“The energy level was higher than when we played Eastern New Mexico,” Armstrong said. “We are a young team and we just need to be more disciplined to execute. It’s going to take time and experience.”

Matthew Tempelmeyer, kinesiology and mathematics sophomore, said the atmosphere is what makes him enjoy the games.

“I have always enjoyed watching volleyball,” Tempelmeyer said. “MSU brings a good, competitive game every time they play. The players leading cheers and people getting involved makes for a really active atmosphere that makes you want to get into the game. “

According to Sarah Glawe, education sophomore and setter, the team played as a unit, but were not able to finish.

“We started strong,” Glawe said. “We just need to finish strong as well.”

Glawe said that in previous years the team was only hoping to win, but that this year the team is all in.

“We were kind of in and out,” Glawe said. ” This year we are going to take the wins. We are going to be way more aggressive this year.”

Armstrong said she is expecting the team to set the tone for what MSU volleyball is going to be for the upcoming years. However, she said, they aren’t quiet there yet.

“We will get there,” Armstrong said. “We have the pieces, it’s just going to take more learning about volleyball and the game.”

The next game will be held at at Falcon dome in Odessa, Texas against UT Permian Basin on Sept. 14.