Forming new club gave me confidence, opportunity

Seven months ago I never would have imagined where I am now.

I wasn’t involved in any organizations, but I wanted to join something. I knew Jesse Brown, coordinator of student involvement, was a good guy and I figured he could get me involved in something, so I stopped by his office. By luck, he had just left a meeting with Tony Vidmar, vice president of university involvement and academic affairs, who handed him the idea of the Student Alumni Council, a committee of students who would dedicate their time and talent to create and enhance traditions at MSU.

He offered me the opportunity to work on it with him, and without hesitation I took it. We spent the first two months researching similar organizations at other universities. Once we had a good idea of what we wanted SAC to be, we began trying to recruit people to apply. We went to many different organizations’ meetings, and visited all of the deans to spread the word about SAC.

Finally, in March, we had in-person interviews with each applicant. We chose the 18 students we felt like had the best potential to have the impact that we wanted SAC to have on campus. In the evening of April 6, 18 other students and I were inducted into the Student Alumni Council.

Walking into Brown’s office was the best decision I could have ever made. The experience of getting to work alongside someone who is such a good role model and mentor is by far the best experience I will ever have. With the help of Brown and the Student Alumni Council, I have gotten a job in the Office of Student Involvement, the chance to meet all of the deans, vice presidents, provost and president.

If you are looking to help improve campus, I would highly recommend joining SAC. The organization will be looking for five new members next semester.

Mitch Kipp is a political science freshman.