Choose a major that makes you happy

I came to Midwestern State University to pursue a career in radiology – then I took Intro to Radiology.

I hated it. This course made me realize my disinterest in radiology.

I am not saying coming to MSU was a wrong decision, it has been a great decision in my life. I also don’t regret anytime I spent in radiology. During that time, I was able to find out what I don’t want to do and in that process, I was closer to finding out what I do want to do.

Before I had come to MSU, I had attended a community college back home while in high school and I took Intro to Sociology, which I loved. It made me think.

When I went back home for Christmas break I sat on my feelings about radiology, I decided to talk to my parents about changing my major. They were angry and hated the idea. My parents have never been to college and did not understand that I had only taken one class for my major so far. I tried to explain it to them and they still didn’t understand, so I went into my second semester at MSU still being a radiology major.

My feelings were still not into radiology and I could not see myself being a radiologist. I had consulted advisor after advisor. I had consulted my sorority sisters. Everyone told me to pursue something I would be happy in, so I decided to do just that.

I went back home for spring break and confided in my parents about how unhappy I was in radiology. They could finally see the tears coming down my face and how unhappy I actually was. I came back to MSU and changed my major that Monday. I am now double majoring in Psychology and Sociology and I could not be happier to be enrolled in my first set of psychology classes this upcoming summer.

Pursue a career you are passionate about and know you will be happy in. It truly makes a world of difference.

Rachael Stagner is a psychology and sociology sophomore.