Fans review men’s basketball season

Samuel Frederick

Trey Kennedy, psychology senior, guards a St. Mary’s Texas Univeristy player during the game in D.L. Ligon Coliseum, Monday, Jan. 29, 2018. Photo by Rachel Johnson

Fans give their opinions on the men’s basketball team who finished their regular season with a record of 11-17 and a home record of 7-4. Though the regular season concluded Feb. 20, the men’s and women’s teams are playing in the Lone Star Conference Post Season Tournament. The next game for the men’s team is in Frisco, Texas against UT Permian Basin on March 2, while the next game for the women’s team is Frisco, Texas against West Texas A&M.

Cross Cuevas, global studies freshman | “There are a lot of playmakers on the court, but they don’t really play as a team and that was there downfall. The games are always fun to watch and I have a lot of friends on the team. Ola was a player that stood out to me on the court, because he plays really good defense.”

Allen Johnson, business sophomore | “They have a lot of individual playmakers but they couldn’t come together as a whole. It was overall an average season. They have a lot of room for improvement. Brandon Neel and Devante Pullum are cold, they are they players that stood out to me the most on the court.”

Hagen Northcutt, education sophomore | “Its been a decent season. They could work together a little more. They play too individually.

Kore Lewis, political science freshman | “The season started rough but they finished strong. They started Ola towards the end of the season which I believe helped them. When they play as a team they play a lot better. They always support each other no matter what. Ola and his blocking ability, and Trey Kennedy stood out to me.”

Alexis Hanshew, business freshman and mustangs cheerleader | “I would say the season was pretty good, they have a lot of really good players with a lot of talent. They are well rounded from their guard play to the big men and shooters. Everybody always seem to do there job but one of the teams greatest weaknesses would be not working together. Some players are selfish and cause turnovers with the ball.  Brandon Neel and his ability to take it to the rim and his shot from three. Logan Hicks when on the court is a good scorer and plays solid defense.”