ASO’s flower delivery signups wilted Feb. 13

Chloe Phillips

To try something “exciting and new” and to fundraise for future events, the African Students Organization hosted a flower delivery service in the Clark Student Center on Feb. 12.

Students paid $2 to members of ASO for them to deliver a Valentine’s Day gram to the person of their choosing. Though ASO advertised the sale to go through Feb. 13, members only accepted sales until Feb. 12 due to conflicts with planning.

“It wasn’t planned to be cancelled, clinicals and classes came in the way,” Adanna Okoye, geosciences junior and president of ASO, said. “I apologize deeply, it should have been announced.”

According to the Okoye, ASO was satisfied with the turnout of Monday’s sales of $12.

“To be honest, we weren’t disappointed,” Okoye said. “However, the organization did expect a sales total of $40.”

Of the student organization’s 20 active members, only three volunteered to organize the event, with ASO senator Lisa Nyirenda, nursing senior coordinating it. According to Okoye, there is not a sole person in charge of coordinating events, that responsibility is randomly assigned based on whoever signs up to volunteer.

Okoye said while the cancellation would have been prevented if more members had volunteered, this is also a campus issue.

“That situation cannot exactly be pinpointed because it is mostly a mindset thing. What I do is encourage the people in my circle and tell them to encourage others too,” Okoye said. “Because the main thing we need is for people to come out and realize that college is not only school and sleep, It is a whole packaged experience that ought to prepare us for the future.”

ASO still plans to follow through with the deliveries that were paid for on Feb. 12.

“We plan to deliver around campus tomorrow,” Okoye said.