Students participate in intramural basketball

kristin silva

Jaren Parker, education sophomore, shoots three-pointer for her team during the co-ed intramural games at the Wellness Center on Monday, Feb. 12, 2018. Photo by Makayla Scheck

Intramural sports open up a door for students who enjoy competing in sports, interacting with peers and spectating games to gather in a location and share their common interests. Students create their team whether it be all men, all women or co-ed, and they show up at the wellness center to compete in various sports.

Justin Pitts, mass communication freshman, said he joined an all men intramural basketball team because he had nothing better to do and his friends asked him to join.

“They picked me up because they needed people to join and they’re not doing so hot,” Pitts said.

Dylan Blackwell, biology freshman, said he didn’t join an intramural basketball team because he isn’t as skilled as he would like to be to compete in intramural sports. He said if there were teams full of students at his same skill level, he would play and wouldn’t feel so bad.

“I come to watch my friends play and cheer them on,” Blackwell said.

Education sophomore Jaren Parker, said she played sports in high school and she plays on a co-ed basketball team because half her friends are guys.

“It’s just fun,” Parker said. “I didn’t want to put in the hours [that collegiate athletes put in] and I wanted to focus on school [so] intramurals allow me to continue playing.”

Basketball Graduate Assistant Zac Kircher, said he goes to intramural games to watch athletes compete and to make sure his basketball players are there to referee the games they’ve been assigned. He said he has even asked talented players to join the men’s basketball team.

“I have asked a guy to play for the school at a more competitive level, but that is not specifically why I come,” Kircher said. “It’s good to see past players come play.”

Basketball is not the only intramural sport offered to students. Sports such as volleyball, dodge-ball, flag football, soccer and softball are also available and teams can consist of only men, only women or be co-ed. All students are welcome to compete and enjoy intramural sports.