What it is like to be a photographer

Leonardo Gonzalez

Leonardo Gonzalez

Everyone has their own definition of being a “photographer,” yet no one can deny how vital we are for modern society. What others don’t realize is that it is not all fun and glamor. It is at times, but we also spend a tremendous amount of time alone.

I started taking photos the summer of 2017 with my friend’s Sony digital camera and I found myself in a different, better world for me. My first photos weren’t good, obviously, but I had the eye for photos. I was determined to learn more about a camera’s settings and how to edit like the photographers you see on Instagram.

It’s time consuming when you’re having 2-3 shoots every per week, that’s only the first step. Then you find yourself hand-picking every picture you need into your computer and phone to edit them later. Editing is the part people forget to acknowledge when they’re waiting for their photos to be done. I spend an average of 2 to 4 hours editing 5-8 photos, but it also depends on what the photo looks like and the story it represents.

Once I had enough confidence to say I’m good at taking portraits, I decided to invest in a Canon camera for myself. Then, I started to reach out to individuals to take pictures of them to practice on. Soon enough, I started to charge for fashion portraits and senior pictures for an affordable price because I am still a beginner and I know the struggle of a “broke college student.”

My journey is barely beginning and I’m excited to see how I can implement this on my future profession.

Leonardo Gonzalez is a mass communication junior.