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    MichaelSep 9, 2011 at 6:24 AM

    Cameron Shaffer ruined the Wichitan.

  • A

    AnonymousSep 8, 2011 at 9:26 AM

    What lost me as a reader of the Wichita was the literary trash that the editors felt was passable as content. For 5 semesters, I read the paper every week. It seemed to be just an outlet for the newspaper staff to spew whatever they felt like with little regards to “Would anyone care to read this?” It was an inside joke for the staff to share with friends. The Jedi articles? The unprofessional mess that was the religious commentary? Music reviews from the snobbiest of music snobs and film reviews from your every day sorority girl who probably loved The Smurfs just did not appeal to me. It was like the staff was using the paper as a personal blog and expected the student body to hang on every word.

  • J

    JasmineSep 7, 2011 at 9:28 PM

    Great point! Young people are far too apathetic especially at MSU. Maybe the delivery could have been better. I commend Ms. Salesman for having the audacity to say these things but the article reads with a preachy tone, It’s strange that the paper that had Lil Wayne on last weeks cover would imply that keeping up with celbrities or being greek is a bad thing. I get the message your trying to get across but it’s the same kind of “why aren’t you as smart as me” exculsivity that keeps possible readers away if you want to be successful a paper has to adapt to what the people want and as far as I can see with the recent choices like going digital,having a M.M.A colum and a makeup guru on staff the Wichitan is getting with the program. I want to see the paper suceed however,I can see that self righteous editorials are the kind of things that annoy people the most about the Wichitan.The paper can often comes off as Snarky, Cynical and one sided . Long story short keep up the good work but make an effort not to alienate your readers ( yes the ones in sororities and fraternities too).

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