Library workshop reaps low attendance

Taylor Beeson, dental hygiene freshman taking notes at the Endnote Demonstration Workshop on Oct. 26. Photo by Chloe Phillips

To help students build upon their research and citing skills, Moffett Library hosted what Andrea Williams, associate university librarian, describes as an advanced bibliographic citation workshop on Oct. 26. The workshop discussed using Endnote, a bibliographic citation software.

“We assume students know the basics of citing research but, they’re wanting something that requires more of a knowledge base where they haven’t ever cited anything or never done anything in a research paper. So we kind of view it as, a little bit more than basic,” Williams said. 

While there are various bibliographic tools in the market — such as Easybib, Bitvai — librarians said Endnote was the best choice for our university.

“I suspect faculty who had used endnote versus easybib, views endnote as maybe being better for a college setting,” Williams said. “Easybib tends to be used in a lot of high school and maybe junior colleges. With endnote, it’s assumed that you’re going to be doing a greater amount of research.”

However, there are disadvantages to the program: Endnote was not intended for multitasking.

“The disadvantage is it does require that you really focus using and getting accustomed to the product if you’re trying to multitask, I say don’t do it because it’s not intended for you to try and do several thing all at once, you need to be focusing getting the most out of the product.”

Williams is not sure why there was low attendance. Taylor Beeson, dental hygiene freshman, was the only student in attendance.

“We [Moffett Library] contacted faculty. We have a Facebook page, which I’m aware that nowadays, Facebook may be viewed as what old people use. I would be very curious how students like to receive information.”

In comparison, Taylor Beeson, said she thought the event was not promoted well

“It’s not well publicized. It needs to be broadcasted more that these demos are going on because, like I said, the only reason why I knew about it was listed for anatomy extra credit. Social media would be a great idea, like on twitter, because I mean everyone that has a twitter, more than likely accesses it everyday. Social media is one of the key ways to spread news.”

Despite the low turnout, she said she enjoyed the event.

“The students can benefit from endnote,” Beeson said. “It’s an easy way to keep all your research data in line and it keeps everything organized.”

Beeson also wishes there would have been a larger turnout

 “I do, I think everyone needs to be educated more: there’s always an opportunity to learn and with these demonstrations that you can attend, make you kind of more knowledgable and with technology constantly evolving, learning these new programs in the keynote these programs are important”