30 students explore creative side in holiday art class

latoya fondren

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Leslie Picasio, athletic training freshman, and Marisa Gomez, radiology junior, are painting their santa ornaments during the holiday decorating class in the Clark Student Center, on Dec. 5. Photo by Latoya Fondren

Classical-holiday music played in the background. Acorns, Santa ornaments, snowflake frames and various paint colors filled the Kiowa Room, as students chose from the supplies to decorate as a part of Holiday Decorations Art Class on Dec. 5.

“My main motive behind today’s class was to get students to unwind with a little stress release and a lot of creativity, and to get students to have fun,” said Cynthia Cummings, special events coordinator.

To get 30 students into the holiday spirit, during the two-hour class, students were instructed to choose from different decorations that Cummings provided. They had the option to paint an acorn with their choice of color or put together a holiday door frame.

Cummings said, “I come in with a sample of something, and nobody else’s [craft] comes out like mine. They all do different things, and it’s pretty cool.”

Cummings said she can tell that students like the decorative options by the amount of students that attend.

“It gets packed in here and I can hear them laughing and they’ll ask questions on different things and I’ll sit around and help people,” Cummings said.

Students like Madison Leonard, english freshman, attended past events and said she was a visual learner when it comes to art.

“Art gives you an opportunity to express yourself and see yourself in art,” Leonard said.

Leonard said students should attend future art classes because it allows them to think outside the box and have a creative side.

Mireya Martinez, dental hygiene freshman, said, “The classes are cool and it’s important to attend because you can’t sit there and stress all the time. It can cause health related problems.”

Martinez said it’s good for students to get out and put their own twist on their creations.

Cummings said, “I try to do stuff that’s environmentally friendly and use supplies that are recyclable.”

Sarah wood, management junior, said she usually volunteers to assist Cummings with the art classes.

“Cynthia is a very creative person and I’ve learned from her to have fun with things and not everything needs to be perfect,” Wood said.

Cummings said students always thank her toward the end of every art class.

“It make makes me feel good that I’ve done stuff that they really like,” Cummings said.

Cummings said she likes when familiar faces come back to attend her art classes.

“It’s nice to touch basis with students.” Cummings said. “Students should give the classes a try and they’ll probably have fun.”

Breanna Ragan, radiology freshman, said the art classes are worth attending because the organizers are social and welcoming to students.

“The class was worth attending because I like being crafty and it brought back memories of when I was younger and my family decorated our home and put up the Christmas tree and ornaments,” Ragan said.

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