Field Day to make debut Oct. 18

Tre' Jones

Student Government Association members are holding Field Day non-competitive events on Wednesday, Oct. 18 at the Quad beginning at 5 p.m. with competitions starting at 6 p.m.

Jacob Warren, SGA publicity chair and economics senior, said, “Field Day is part SGA’s initiative to be more involved with the students and trying to retain them. A lot of the students complain that there’s just not enough events going on. I took that personally, so I was trying to make events that way students would have something to do. Our biggest purpose is to inform the students that there is an SGA and that we do care about the student body. This is just one of those steps to prove that.”

This is the first time that the university will be having Field Day during homecoming week. It was a new idea that Warren proposed last spring.

There will be different competitions throughout the day, with both non-competitive and competitive portions.

Warren said, “The non-competitive events are going to be open to the public not in an organization, and they will feature tug-of-war, three-legged race, a sack race and tricycle relays. The competitive portion will have those same events on top of the egg and spoon relay, water balloon tosses and a balloon body pop.”

This will all be new to the Student Government Association, according to Warren. With it being a new event day added to the homecoming schedule, there is not a big expectation for the non-competitive portion of the event because there is no prize for that portion.

“The idea is to have cash prizes for the winners in the competitive portion of Field Day,” Warren said. “First place will receive $80, second place is $55 and third place will receive $35.”

Mathew Howard, radiologic science junior, who will be competing with the Radiology Club, said, “It’s kind of cool that we will get the Radiology Club out there because we see a lot of class time together, but we don’t get to be socially active with each other. Really there’s nothing better than looking like a bunch of goobers.”

Howard is excited to get out there with his fellow club members and see what this event will be like.

“We heard about this event through SGA, and it’s the first time the Radiology Club will be in a competition like this,” Howard said.

Other student competitors are feeling optimistic about Field Day as well.

Hannah Schulte-Bisping, radiology senior, said, “I like to get involved in homecoming week because it’s really fun. I’ve never participated in Field Day since they’ve never had it before, so I’m excited for it.”

She said she tried to get her sorority sisters to sign up and compete to get a little friendly competition.

Warren said any organization who wants to participate in the competitive portion of the event would have to approach it like they were signing up for a league sport on campus. Anyone who wants to participate in the non-competitive portion of Field Day can just show up at the Quad and compete.