Spanish Club ‘more than just learning language’


Selena Moreno (in teal), marketing and spanish junior and president of the Spanish club, addresses the club during their second meeting on Oct. 12 at the Clark Student Center.

Denush Vidanapathirana

Room 193 of Clark Student Center was alive with the laughter and chatter of members of the Spanish Club who held their second meeting at 7 p.m. on Oct. 12. A total of 13 of the club’s 15 members attended and planned the events for rest of the semester.

“We set up three projects so far, with the help of volunteers, and they were successful,” Selena Moreno, marketing and Spanish junior and president of the club, said.

The meeting commenced promptly and, after the reviewing of minutes, collecting of dues and the approval of the agenda, Moreno started to list the new projects for the rest of the semester. A majority of the events centered around charity, such as donations to the food bank and the food insecure.

Moreno also stated that the club aims to bring together members of the Hispanic community and anyone who might be interested in learning about Hispanic culture.

“We are definitely more active this semester. Our goal is to teach students about Spanish culture and have fun,” Moreno said.

Valencia Tamper, assistant professor of Spanish and the advisor to the club, agreed with Moreno’s statements.

“The students here are motivated to learn the Spanish language and culture,” Tamper said. “It’s not just about learning the language. It’s about the music and color and food as well. We would like to invite anyone who has an appreciation for Spanish culture.”

Moreno and Tamper also mentioned upcoming events that the students could take part in as a group, which included Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, celebration. Members also spoke about fundraising.

Norma Castro, Spanish major and vice president of the club, said her time with the club has been a good experience.

“I was really shy. But the club is more than just learning the language. It’s more fun. We try to help each other and work as a group,” Castro said.

Tanner Flores, special education freshman, said although he initially joined the club to further his Spanish, he wound up learning about the culture as well.

“It’s a lot more intensive. It’s filled with people who speak different dialect of Spanish, so it’s a more thorough experience,” Flores said.

Jessica Guest is an undecided senior who was at her first Spanish Club meeting.

“I joined to expand my horizons. I really enjoyed myself and look forward to meeting new people,” Guest said.