Arts and Literature Society plans trip to Oklahoma

Shari Smith

About 25 students gathered in the Fain Atrium for the Art and Literature Society’s meeting on Sept. 11. During the meeting, they discussed ideas for activities for the members to participate in for the rest of the semester, such as going to a symphony, reading literature to the elderly, starting a book club and visiting an art exhibition. Afterwards, they elected new officers for the upcoming academic year.

Todd Giles, adviser and assistant professor of English, said, “We are a student organization. Everybody’s involved and is interested in one way or another with art, literature, film, maybe graphic novels, comic books, paintings, anything dealing with culture. We have officer positions opened. If you want to put your email down, we will start sending you information about trips coming up so if you are interested let us know.”

Giles said he started the club four years ago along with Kirsten Lodge, associate professor of English and program coordinator for humanities, to plan fun trips for students who would be interested. There is no membership fee to join.

“We started this club for students interested in arts, literature and anything cultural. Our intention for the club is to foster arts and culture into the student community on campus,” Giles said. “My favorite activity in the club is taking trips to the museum and connecting with students. We have been to the Wichita Falls Symphony, Red Earth Pow Wow, the university’s theater productions and museums in Oklahoma City and Dallas Fort Worth.”

Serah Welborn, English senior, has been a member since fall 2014. She said she heard about the organization through other members and saw fliers around campus.

Welborn said, “The organization is important because you are able to see famous artists such as Picasso and Van Gogh in real life. I believe students who have an interest in art, literature, music and film should join because it is a very fun experience.”

Faith Munoz, president of the Arts and Literature Society, said she has been a member for about three and a half years.

“I joined because I wanted to meet new people, go to new places and try different foods. I believe that the club is important on campus because I cannot imagine a world without arts, literature, film, music and people,” Munoz said. “When I became the president, it helped me to become more organized, improved my leadership skills and my interpersonal communication skills.”

The club distributed copies of the English, Humanities and Philosophy departments 2016-17 issue of Voices, which is a journal that includes poems, art, photographs, essays and fictions written by various students on campus.

The Arts and Literature Society is planning a trip to the International Festival in Lawton, Oklahoma and Oklahoma City’s museum on Sept. 23. Students attending will gather at the police station parking lot at 9:30 a.m. to leave for Lawton. Interested persons can contact Lodge via email at [email protected]

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