Mustangs win 53 to 6

Justin Marquart

Layton Rabb, accounting junior, catches the snap in the first home game at Memorial Stadium on Aug. 31. Photo be Justin Marquart
Alexis Maggard, special education freshman, twirls two batons on fire at the first home football game at Memorial Stadium on Aug. 31. Photo by Justin Marquart
Maura Gibson, early education freshman, plays the national anthem in the opening performance before the first game of the 2017 season in Memorial Stadium against Quincy State Aug. 31. “I havenever had a new uniform before, so to have something brand new that’s never been sweat in feels so good,” Gibson said. Photo by Rachel Johnson
Alec Divalerio, exercise physiology junior, goes to tackle number 28 from Quincy University during the opening game in memorial Stadium Aug. 31. Photo by Rachel Johnson