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  • J

    Jesse JamesJun 28, 2021 at 2:24 PM

    Alyssa Mitchell, the campus police is not your personal assistants they are there to ensure student safety. their jurisdiction is not Chili’s parking lot. you should have called your insurance for road side assistance, or better yet your Mobile phone company may offer the same. in fact you probably could have used the walking “work-out” though that concept may seem foreign to you!

  • K

    Kristen GreggSep 7, 2017 at 5:27 PM

    One Wednesday mid afternoon I noticed a classmate during my TR classes was having car trouble. Pulled over, asked what was wrong and what I could do to help. He said not to worry about it, so I went on to work. I decided to call the campus police, and they argued with me that he had to strand his car and walk to the police station to get the battery charger. What’s the point of 1.) having a police station 2.) brand new police trucks if they can’t even jump off their students vehicles. There’s no sense of urgency or care for the students when it comes to actual every day problems.

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