Board of Regents members raise parking fees, change housing plans

Stephen Gomez

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Samuel Sanchez, board of regents chair, listens to discussion during the Aug. 4, 2016. Sanchez will continue on the board until 2018. He is an attorney with Cordell & Cordell, and lives in Fort Worth. Photo by Dewey Cooper.

The Board of Regents members met in the J.S. Bridwell Board Room in Hardin Hall as part of their regular, two-day, spring meeting. VIEW LIVE STREAM HERE.

Football Stadium — Kyle Williams, interim athletic director, stated that the plan is still in the infant stage and the number of cost is going to fluctuate.

  • “I’m excited about it, huge football fan,” Sam Sanchez, chairman of the Board of Regents, said. “We are cautious but I hope the community will rally behind it and the students loyalty increases.”
  • “I want it to come from donations (outside funding if we can) not stunt fees,” Suzanne Shipley, university president, said. “I think it could be a transformation, greatly increasing student life and bringing in the community.”
  • “We believe that the stadium will create a college experience and atmosphere for the students,” Williams said.”It will bring the students, the staff, and the community together in a form of camaraderie.”

Housing/Dining Rate Increase — The approved proposal to create a 60 percent-40 percent plan means that students will pay 60 percent of housing rate in the fall and 40 percent in the spring. The dining rate is not affected by the housing rate change.

  • “Instead of paying the 50 percent-50 percent, students will pay 60 percent of their housing rate in the fall and 40 percent in the spring,” Matthew Park, dean of students, said. “It’s a less expensive avenue for students in the spring rather than to move off-campus.”

Park also stated that the plan does have an exemption process for students.

Motor Vehicle Registration Fee — The Board approved to increase the vehicle parking permit fee from $70 to $90 next year. Summer charge for a permit will remain half the price. The cost of a permit went from $50 to $70 in 2016.

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