Design wind chimes at clay class April 18-19

Joanne Ortega

Cynthia Cummings teaches students how to create crafts on Feb. 9. Photo by Joanne Ortega.

To help relieve the students’ stress, Special Events Coordinator Cynthia Cummings will hold the monthly craft class on April 18-19 in the Caddo Room inside the Clark Student Center at 1-4 p.m. It will consist of students creating personalized wind chimes using clay and the materials provided for the finishing product.

For a second time, the class will take place for two consecutive days to allow the students to fully finish their piece and give those with scheduling conflicts a chance to participate. After the clay dries overnight, students can come back and paint their work on the next day.

Cummings had previously set the dates for the class to be April 10 and 13, but changed them because it was during the Easter break and thought not many students would attend.

She said she believes last month’s craft class had a good turn out because the class was made available for two days, and hopes for more students attend the clay class.

Guadalupe Munoz, nursing freshman, said she has attended two of Cummings’ craft classes and enjoyed watching all the pieces come together to create the final product.

“I love things that are easy to make and can be given as gifts,” Munoz said.

Munoz said she plans to attend this month’s craft class because it is relaxing to sit and create something that she can later recreate on her own, and also use to decorate her room.

“It takes my mind off all the stress of homework and school and just let’s me take a break of everything in general,” Munoz said.

Sticks, string and clay will be provided for students to create the wind chimes. Students will be allowed to choose from different templates and designs to choose from.

“I want them to use their most creativity, which is something I never seem to have a problem with in the class,” Cummings said.

Cummings said she thinks the class can “bright up someone’s day,” and serve as a stress reliever by getting the students’ minds to think about other things besides school work.

Although Cummings does get students to attend her classes, she said she usually sees the same students go back to create a new piece.

“There should be more announcements about the craft classes because they can serve as a way to relieve stress and help students become more creative,” psychology freshman Liliana Cruz said.

This month’s craft class is funded by Clark Student Center officials, compared to the other craft classes that have usually been funded by the University Programming Board.

Cummings has many ideas for the following month’s craft class, but thinks it will be hard to choose only one. She gets many of her ideas from Pinterest and usually asks students for feedback on whether or not it would be something others would enjoy.