Talent show spotlights students

Chelsea Miller

The lights are out and the spotlights shone center stage. Shelbi Rickwartz education junior, steps up the stairs and approaches the microphone and starts singing the song “Burning House.” The annual talent show presented by the Black Student Union was held in the Comanche room in the Clark Student Center on Feb. 16.

The talent show was high in attendance of students and faculty, making an appearance. The seven contestants came up one by one and showcased their talent.

According to Rickwartz she nervous as she waited for the outcome of the talent show.

“ The talent show made feel like I can overcame this fear of mine.” Rickwartz said.

Rickwartz didn’t place that night but there were three winners: A rapper, poet, and a dancer.

“I was kind of mad because the perforamance didnt come out the way that I wanted it to. I didnt get the soundcheck that I wanted, so I wasn’t prepared for my perforamance like I thought I was,” Rickwartz said.

Some of the acts included: singing, rapping, poetry, dancing and a band. There were three judges, two are professors and one a BSU officer. The crowd sang along and stood out of their seats to cheer on the contestants.

“I was rooting for the poet, his performace was original and something everyone could relate to.” Jazmine Boyd, criminal justice junior, said.

The poet Harrison was the only one to perform a poetry piece. The crowd cheered for him at the end and even gave a standing ovation.

“Overall I think I would attend the talent show again, it may have some technical issues but it was all fun and I enjoyed myself,” Boyd said.

BSU hopes to continue the tradition of having these talent shows to help the student body come together as a whole and even use the talent show as an outlet for students who want to show off a talent they have never showed off before.