25 compete in second annual bake-off

Mercy Yermo

About 25 residents of Killingsworth Hall participated in the annual bake-off competition on Feb. 27 in an attempt to bring back tradition and prove which sex is better.

Sopapilla cheesecake made by Evalyne Roberson. Photo contributed by Evalyne Roberson

“The bake-off used to be a thing some time ago, so we decided to bring it back to life and make our residents compete,” Tiare Hidalgo, resident assistant and biochemistry junior, said.

Second floor RA, Evalyne Roberson, won the competition with her sopapilla cheesecake.

“I was pretty pumped when my dessert won,” Roberson said. “I had put a lot of work into it and knew it would be a close call because everything else looked really good.”

There was a total of 10 teams in the competition. Each team was composed of all girls or all boys since the tradition was once Pierce Hall residents, an all-boys dorm, versus Killingsworth residents, an all-girls dorm.

“The fact that the boys now live in Killingsworth didn’t change anything when we organized the competition. We tried to keep it as traditional as we could,” Hidalgo said.

Jenna Lawrence, biology freshman, said that the bake-off was a great way to bring everyone together.

“I really liked seeing everyone down in the lobby doing the best they could to make the best dessert. It made every team work together and an overall way to bond,” Lawrence said.

According to Hidalgo, the competition proved to be a success.

“We hoped to bring all the residents to get to know each other and have a fun time,” Hidalgo said. “The bake-off was everything we expected it to be, and we are really looking forward to doing it again next year.”