Valentine’s crafts help show students’ creativity

Joanne Ortega

A Valentine’s craft class will be held on Feb. 9 at 2 p.m. in the Kiowa Room at the Clark Student Center. Special Events Coordinator Cynthia Cummings will lead the class and show students how to create a personalized piece which they can keep for themselves or give away.

It will consist of students being given a blank canvas which they will paint and sew string or yarn to make the shape of a heart.

Cummings has been teaching different arts and crafts classes for 15 years, and will guide the students through the process as well as give them tips on how to make their piece.

Previous classes have had positive feedback from students, based on surveys made by Cummings, and have led many to come back for future events.

Cummings said she hopes for a good turnout and wishes to have students walk away with something decorative. The pieces are simple and easy to construct but also time consuming, which could lead some to take two hours to make.

“It’s just there to release some of the tension from school and kind of promote comradery between people,” Cummings said.

The crafts are supposed to be therapeutic for students and help make them feel less stressed from school or work.

“It sounds fun and interesting and even if I don’t give it to someone, it’ll be a good experience,” Lupe Munoz, nursing freshman, said.

Students are able to use their creative side and get to walk away with something in their hands.

Jessie Tidwell, science-education freshman, said, “It’s a way to save money and show someone how much you truly care about them by making something special for them.”

Cummings gets funding from the University Programming Board, which allows her to buy the supplies needed and continue having the events.

The classes are held every month, and most are themed around a certain holiday. Cummings runs her ideas through the students to make sure that it’s a fun and appealing activity others would like to take part in.