Clinton, Trump effectively tied; students split

Dewey Cooper

According to a poll released by ABC News and The Washington Post on Nov. 1 Donald Trump, Republican nominee for president, is now leading Hillary Clinton, Democratic nominee for president, with a 46-45 lead among likely voters. 

Even though Trump’s lead is within the 3 percent margin of error of the conducted poll the results have some students worrying for the outcome of the election in less than one week.

Luis Escobedo, a radiology freshman and proud first time voter, is shocked, but hopeful.

“Shock is all that came to me,” Escobedo said. “But there is still time for that to change, especially with this being a tight race.”

Hannah Thomas, undecided freshman, holds the shock factor as well.

“I’m honestly shocked that people are legit voting for him,” Thomas, said. “I still can’t wrap my head around all of this, I wish it wasn’t real.”

Some students find Trump’s lead to be a pleasant surprise.

“I am not surprised that Trump is not leading in the election,” Brittni Coss, nursing sophomore, said. “I truly believe he has our countries best interest at heart, and will not only benefit the political system but American’s as a whole.”

Coss believes that Trump wants for the greater good of citizens. She also holds a distrust for news media.

“Over half of what the media says is downright lies,” Coss said.

Coss seems to have a strong dislike for Clinton and people who support her for gender reasons.

“If you vote for Hillary because of her gender you are ignorant,” Coss said.

Some, like Tiffany Foster, a biology freshman, don’t care either way.

“It honestly doesn’t matter to me,” Foster said. “We are screwed either way.”