Homecoming tailgate party and competition takes off

Alyssa Mitchell

Smoke in the air and the smell of hamburgers and hot dogs cooking on the grill, different music all over and the loud voices of football fans all around. These sounds, sights, and smells are common for a college tailgate party.

Kierian Hunter, math sophomore, said, “You can find a lot of things at a tailgate but at the homecoming tailgate there are more people than usual. It’s fun to see all the people and puppies they bring. All of the food and music are great and the decorations are cool too. It’s interesting to see so many people in one place.”

The only difference from a regular tailgate and Oct. 29 is that it’s the Homecoming game. That means more food, more fun, and a little friendly competition.

At 5:30 p.m. the annual tailgate party and cook off competition began. Students of all classifications and organizations got together to have fun and compete before the Mustangs went on to defeat UT Permian Basin Falcons. The competition was based on decoration and cooking. While some organizations had the full nine yards, some just wanted to have fun and didn’t bother with a lot of decoration or fancy food.

Preston Busby, criminal justice sophomore, said, “We aren’t trying to win, we [Omega Delta Phi] just want to get involved.”

What makes a good tailgating experience?

Busby said, “The food and the people you share it with make it a good experience.”

Others agreed.

Hunter said, “Coming together and being social make it fun and you get to meet new people. Homecoming is a special day where people who usually don’t tailgate come and enjoy all the homecoming festivities.”

Caylan Deutsch, early childhood education sophomore, and member of Alpha Phi added on to that.

Deutsch said, “The food is pretty good but the best part is being able to hang out with all your friends right before you go into the game.”

There were more than 10 tailgates and more than 200 attendees at the tailgate party.

Busby said, “I think the competition is a good way to get the organizations involved with each other, it also brings more people to tailgate.” 

Deutsch agreed.

“There is definitely more spirit at the Homecoming game, way more people are in attendance and it is cool to see all the alumni come as well,” Deutsch said. “My sorority didn’t win but we tried, for our tailgate we had brisket, potato salad, brownies, and hamburgers.”

At the end of the decoration and cook off competition, two groups came out with a victory. The cheerleading team got first place in decoration and the Greek organizations Chi Omega and Sigma Alpha Epsilon won first place in food.