Students cram together for final debate

Caleb Sneath

More than 30 people attended the Debate Watch Party in Sunwatcher Club House.
More than 30 people attended the Debate Watch Party in Sunwatcher Club House.

As the third and final debate raged on, students packed together in the Sunwatcher Clubhouse to see the two presidential candidates’ performance. Students crowded around the television, taking all of the seats and forcing some students to stand.

“It went better than the first debates went in my opinion because it was more about the issues than throwing shade at each other,” Morina Ramos, prelaw sophomore, said.

Ramos wasn’t the only student who felt like this debate had a higher focus on the issues, to its own benefit.

Robert Carper, radiology freshman
Robert Carper, radiology freshman

“It was really good, they actually talked about the issues this time,” Robert Carper, radiology freshman, said.

Despite the overall more serious tone of this debate, it was not entirely somber in the Sunwatcher Clubhouse. Students repeatedly burst out in laughter at Republican Nominee Donald Trump’s quips and interjections. A table was full of snacks and refreshments. A professor even had to hush the crowd’s chatter.

An overall high point to Evagelina Economo, theater freshman, was the talk about the national debt, because, as she said, “It showed a lot about their plans, or lack thereof.”

Ramos also said she believed that the debt was high point.

The topic of the debate’s low point divided students.

“Most of the low point was when I couldn’t understand them because they’d talk over each other,” Carper said.

Economo said she believed the low point to be whenever Trump would talk about ISIS because she felt it had already been talked about before, and Ramos said similar things about the topic of Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Chris Wallace, debate moderator, divided students with his performance.

Ramos praised Wallace’s performance as being the least biased out of all of this year’s moderators. Economo said she felt like Wallace’s affiliation with Fox News showed in a bias towards Fox, but believed he still did acceptable for the most part. Carper on the other hand had only negative things to say about Wallace’s performance, criticizing his ability to maintain order at times in the debate as well as a perceived bias in favor of Clinton.

While the three students could not agree on the performance of Wallace, they all shared similar opinions on who won the debate overall.

“Hillary in my opinion, but Trump did show a good effort,” said Ramos.

All three students said they believed that Clinton won, and both Ramos and Carper expressed the belief that Trump still put on a close performance.