Sigma Nu fraternity sells tacos on campus

Yareli Lora

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If you find yourself walking around campus hungry and would like to grab a bite to eat, but you don’t want to eat at the restaurants or cafeteria food on campus, and you don’t want to drive to get food from anywhere else, Sigma Nu Fraternity may have a solution for you.

Every Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Sigma Nu Fraternity sets up a table on the Mustangs Walk and sells tacos for $1 if paying with cash, and $1.50 if paying with a card.

Carlos De La Cruz, marketing senior and Sigma Nu president, said, “We start to set up a little before 11 a.m. to give us time to prepare by firing up the grill and start cooking the meat. We chose to make tacos because they are easy and fairly quick to make.”

Jesse Monreal, business sophomore, is Sigma Nu’s treasurer. Monreal is in charge of the chapter’s funding.

Monreal said, “My brothers and I usually hold meetings to come up with various ways to fund our chapter and there happened to be a unanimous vote on selling tacos.”

Since Sigma Nu has started selling tacos, De La Cruz and Monreal have made an attempt to help with tacos every Tuesday.

De La Cruz said, “I try to help my brothers out as much as I can. We started making and selling tacos on campus about a month ago.”  

Some students that did not know about tacos being sold on campus, now make an attempt to get one every Tuesday.

Eledy Valero, Spanish senior, said, “I didn’t even know tacos were being sold on campus until a friend of mine had bought some and I just had to try it because it smelled so good. Now, I try to get a taco from Sigma Nu when they have them out to sell on Tuesdays.”

Sigma Nu began selling tacos as a way to raise funds for their chapter.

De La Cruz said, “Some Tuesdays are better that others but we usually average around $130. Me and my brothers thought that selling and making tacos would be a great way to raise chapter funds and we have friends that come and get tacos from us every Tuesday.”

Monreal agreed.

“I think taco Tuesday would be a little more successful if we advertised a little more,” Monreal said. 

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