Raising awareness one root beer float at a time

Garrett Hutchinson

The housing department hosted a series of events to raise alcohol awareness.

The resident advisors of each residence hall were tasked with coming up with events to engage the student body and raise awareness.

“The housing department put on this week long event. So the residence halls split up the responsibilities, but the resident advisors got to pick what we wanted to do for the event,” Ashley Statham, clinical mental health graduate student, said.

Kady Kyle, chemistry junior, greeted students entering Killingsworth Hall, and encouraged them to sign the alcohol awareness banner and explained the beverage game they were playing. 

“Would you like to sign the poster to pledge not to drink and drive?” Kyle said.

The Killingsworth Hall resident advisor’s decided to offer four drinks to serve as “alcoholic beverages.” The students had to choose a specific drink: ginger ale (beer), apple cider (fireball), lemonade (margarita) or sparkling grape juice (wine), and say what the appropriate serving size was per drink to test their knowledge. 

“This is the first time we have done an event like this,” Dyamond Tankersley, general business senior, said.

After the students would pick their drink and guess the serving size, the RAs would hand them an information sheet with the serving size to weight ratio to help further educate the students beyond this week. 

“A lot of people have been getting the serving questions right, which means they have been doing the ‘Think About It’ exercises,” Kyle said.

The Think About It exercises are mandatory for all freshman to take before they can register for classes before spring class registration.

“Turnout was better than what we thought,” Tankersley said.

The following day, Legacy Hall RAs hosted a root beer float party for their awareness activity in Legacy Hall Commons.

“Attendance is what we expected. There has been a lot of people showing up today,” Jeffrey Hamon, exercise physiology sophomore, said.

Students were able to sign the alcohol awareness banner and receive red ribbons and root beer floats.

“They can sign the banner to take the pledge to not drink and drive, and we are handing out alcohol awareness pamphlets,” Hamon said.

In addition to students enjoying the root beer floats, the red cups offered additional facts for students to take with them.

“One of 16 facts about alcohol are on each cup we use to serve the root beer floats,” Laramie Walton, political science sophomore, said.

The residence halls did a great job with their event ideas to raise alcohol awareness on campus.