Andrew Allen to perform for faculty recital

Emily Simmons

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Andrew Allen rehearses on the soprano saxophone for his recital on Oct. 20. Photo by Emily Simmons

Andrew Allen rehearses on the soprano saxophone for his recital on Oct. 20. Photo by Emily Simmons

In an effort to expose audience members to new forms of musical expression, Andrew Allen, assistant professor of music, will perform at a free faculty recital Oct. 20 at 7:30 p.m. in Akin Auditorium.

“I hope the audience enjoys themselves and that their horizons are broadened,” Allen said.

Allen will perform pieces by Debussy, Balter, Berio, Veldhuis, Biedenbender and Rueff. The music spans across the last century, and use different techniques on the saxophone.

“I want to push people’s ears and open them up to the capabilities of classical saxophone,” Allen said.

Allen said he hopes the pieces he plays will make the audience think about music in new ways.

Brooke Leiker, music education freshman, said, “I’m looking forward to the repertoire because Dr. Allen always picks out really unique music to play.”

Allen teaches the woodwinds in the music department, and said playing saxophone allows him to express himself better than he can with words.

“The saxophone is my voice and a comfortable part of me,” Allen said.

Elise Allen, Andrew’s wife, and Ruth Morrow, professor of music, will accompany Allen during two of his performances on flute and piano. Allen said he enjoys exploring new possibilities with classical saxophone.

Lindsey Odom, music education sophomore, said, “I know it will be a great concert because Dr. Allen chooses music that is different and interesting to listen to. You can still enjoy and appreciate the music, even if you’re not a music student.”

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