Weather fails to disrupt punt, pass and kick competition

Garrett Hutchinson

Last year there were 20. But not this year. After thunderstorms threatened the punt, pass and kick competition, only eight people competed – all men.

“Weather was definitely a factor,” Rusty Brixey, sports administration graduate student, said “Last year the turn out was better.”

Brixey went on to say that last year’s turn out brought 20 participants, including five women to the event. This year that number decreased by over half.

“Sometimes the weather keeps people in,” Brixey said.

The intramural sports leagues are designed to bring students together by offering team play activities they can participate in. In doing so, new students are able to interact and make new friends. The punt, pass and kick competition is just another event opportunity to do just that.

“It is an intramural sport that the school hosts. It is to basically get students out and getting them interactive with each other,” Sarah Kennedy, biology sophomore, said.

The participants were eager to show off their skills once the competition got underway. For some, the intramural sports allow students to indulge in games they love outside of school competition.

“I love to be out here. I just love the game. I played college football at McMurry University as a full back,” Andrew Norwood, physical education sophomore, said.

For others, it is a way to stay competitive and in shape as well as a place to just have fun.

“I just love the competition. I will probably end up playing intramural soccer. I couldn’t last year because I was on the spring roster for football,” Theodore Hughes, mechanical engineering sophomore, said.

Despite the unfavorable weather conditions. Andrew Norwood took home the victory at this year’s punt, pass and kick champion with a total combined yardage of 156 yards.