Wilson’s soprano performance ‘outstanding’

Lane Riggs

The halls were alive with the sound of music.
At least, that’s what it would seem like, to an unbeknownst student passing through the hallways of the Hardin Administration Building at 7 p.m. on Jan. 26. But to those 70 people inside of Akin Auditorium, the halls were reverberating sopranos to the tune of Mozart and Schubert, from musical guest, coloratura soprano Lindy Wilson.
Wilson has previously traveled to perform across the northwestern United States, Texas, and Ghana, Africa.
“I grew up in Idaho, so I was able to travel around that area and perform while I was growing up,” Wilson said. “And I spent two weeks in Ghana, but I would really love to go to Spain.”
With a husband in the military, Wilson is hoping to travel more – but in the meantime, she has no free time in between taking care of her two children, aged four and one, and vocal lessons twice a week with Donald Maxwell, a professor of music.
“If you’re not studying with someone then you’re getting worse,” Wilson said of her weekly practices. “The voice is a muscle. The more you use it correctly, the better it functions.”
Practice makes perfect; except when under the influence of a cold.
“I’m just now coming off a cold, but I’m calm about tonight,” Wilson said before her performance. “Whatever’s going to happen, is going to happen. It’s going to be great.”
Those in attendance, including sophomores Emily Rogers and Baylee Wichlan, and freshmen Jace Keister and Gaby Sosa were in agreement. Not only were Wilson’s songs captivating, but her body language conveyed something her song couldn’t.
“Wilson is outstanding on stage,” Wichlan said. “She’s an encouragement to continue training.”
Wichlan also works with Maxwell and though she said her vocal training is a work in progress, she’s excited to see how far she’s come since the start of the semester.
Rogers, Keister, and Sosa said they came to support a friend who was singing at tonight’s performance.
“Our friend Caleb Moore is singing bass,” Keister said. “We’re excited to hear what he’s
been working on.”
Moore, a freshman, has performed in other concerts, but has lately been working on new songs which were showcased at the performance.
The first concert from the music department featured the work of many young artists, who like Wilson, are beginning their careers by performing at their school.
And Wilson was able to reach out to younger members of the audience, not just through her song and the encouragement that it offered, but through her likes.
“I prefer classic novels, like Jane Austen and Shakespeare,” she said. “And I thoroughly enjoy J.K. Rowling.”
Out of the Harry Potter books, Wilson’s favorite character is Tonks, because of her open and accepting character and her capacity to love.
“Shakespeare’s the most brilliant writer I’ve read, though,” Wilson backtracks.
Other performances included Rebekah Feaster, piano, Tyler Lasseter, clarinet, Sandy Zeek, flute, and guests Tanaka Madyara, Andrew Fisher, Caleb Moore, Sharon Mucker, and Zachary Brasfield.
While Wilson may have traveled, the Akin Auditorium remains one of her favorite venues.
“I love performing here,” Wilson said. “I would like to again, if the opportunity presented itself.”