Resident Assistants to present educational drinking games

Ricinda Turner

The resident assistants in Killingsworth Hall plan to use the drinking game Tower of Power, made popular by the movie “21&Over” as part of an effort to teach students to consume alcohol safely, March 26.

Tiffany Uke, Killingsworth RA and sophomore biology pre-med said, “We’re trying to promote drinking awareness in a fun environment instead of lecturing.”

Like in the movie “21 & Over” each floor will have a different game  from Beer Pong, Shot Roulette, and mimic the party environment, using artificial beer. “Like Club Pierce there will be a ‘Mocktail’ Bar,” said Ian Thompson, Pierce RA and special education sophomore.

“On each floor or level the students will learn something about the drinking game and other information that will help,” said Camisha Johnson, Killinsgworth RA and international studies junior “After completing each level they will receive beads like in the movie, but ours has info to stay safe when drinking.”

Killingsworth resident assistants are using a well known drinking movie that shows irresponsible ways of drinking and inform their residents of a safer alternative.

“After seeing the movie, I can’t wait to see what’s in store,” said Arnelle Ballard, early childhood education freshmen.

Uke said she hopes for a great turn out.

“Killingsworth’s’ Tower of Power will soon be a campus-wide name like Club Pierce,” the club environment setting that has been going on for several years in the male dorm.

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