Deadline to claim on-campus housing this Friday

Jessalyn Castro

Students who live on campus have until Friday, Feb. 13, to declare where they want to live as part of the “Claim Your Crib” campaign.

Freshmen living in Pierce and Killingsworth halls can now apply to move into a place more private and spacious. Those with enough credit hours will now be able to choose to move off campus, or to stay on campus in any of the apartments.

Nursing freshman Amelia Latham was assigned to live in Killingsworth hall for her first year here, and although she said she is ready to get out of the dorms, she still wants to stay on campus.

“Everything you need is right around here. If you ever need help from any of your teachers they’re just right there,” Latham said. “There are more people to hang out with [on campus]. If I ever need support there are people right here that are my age going through the same stuff.”

In the dorms, there are a lot already taken care of for the students with utilities and furnishing and internet. Latham said she likes that she doesn’t have to worry too much about these things. She said if she were to live off campus she’d have to be more independent.

“It’s like a step to independence, not a leap,” Latham said about moving into on campus apartments from the dorms instead of moving off campus.

The fact that it doesn’t take long to get anywhere on campus turns people like Latham to staying in campus housing.

“I don’t like to drive,” she said. “It makes me feel uncomfortable so I’d just prefer to walk.”

Staying in on-campus housing also eliminates the need to drive to and from class. Mass communication sophomore, Sam Sutton, lives in the Sundance Courts and said since it’s closer he can walk and doesn’t have to waste gas.

“It’s better because its more convenient,” Sutton said. “It’s easier to get to your classes.”

Although Sutton said he plans to eventually move off campus some time during his junior or senior year, right now he prefers the on campus housing.

“This semester I was able to room with people that I feel more comfortable with instead of being with someone I don’t know,” he said. “My friends all live on campus so it’s a bonus that I get to see them a lot.”

Expenses are also a big factor in students’ decision when they are figuring out where to stay. Sutton said living in on-campus apartments is cheaper because since it’s through the school, he doesn’t have to pay full rent.

For computer science sophomore, Texas Powers, expenses aren’t that big of a deal since he lives at home with his parents.

“Food and rent isn’t an expense,” Powers said. “For those who simply live off campus, it provides the option of negotiable rent programs.”

Students living off campus aren’t the only ones who have to worry about money as the students who live in on-campus housing have to choose a meal plan, which adds more to the cost of housing. Powers said it makes it easier for him to not have to worry about either one living at home.

“Imagine not having a twisted knife of cafe prices in your back. It’s amazing,” Powers said.

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