Low gas prices help students travel for holidays

David Joseph

With the end of the semester only one week away, students from different walks of life will be returning home to celebrate the holiday season with friends and family. Some said this is a season for giving to friends, family and loved ones.

Theolette Simon, senior in management

“It is always a joy being home during the Christmas season to spend time where I have left off with my family. My mom always looks forward to seeing me around this time of the year so I can’t disappoint her by not traveling to Antigua and Barbuda,” Simon said.

Simon said, “I have been saving a few dollars to purchase gifts for my mom and dad. I have been saving this since September. I know my parents love surprises so I have decided to purchase both of them a cologne set.”

Simon said she has spent in excessive of $200 on gifts and did it because she loves her parents and likes giving gifts during the Christmas season.

Jaime Abraham, junior in nursing

“I will be travelling to New York for the duration of the Christmas vacation. As much as I would have loved to see what Wichita Falls is like during the festive season, I have decided to spend time with family in New York,” Abraham said.

Abraham said, “I will be travelling by air through Dallas and the ticket was fairly inexpensive. I paid roughly $240 for the ticket.”

Students who will be travelling by car to other places in the United States and Mexico said they decided to go by car instead of flying because of the falling price of gas.

Anya Edmund, management information systems and accounting junior

“Next week Friday, my hubby will be coming from Louisiana to pick me up and take me back. The price at the pump is $2.49 and because of this, I will be travelling by car instead of flying,” Edmund said.

Edmund bought her hubby a gold watch for his Christmas present. She said, “I have paid $280 for it because I know what he likes. I have been around him for too long.”

Marco Torres, senior in psychology

“If I do travel, I will be going to Mexico to visit my Mom’s side of the family,” Torres said.

Torres said, “I bought some clothes and I decided to take them to my less unfortunate cousin in Mexico. “

Torres will be going to Mexico to participate in a Hispanic festival called “Posadas.”

He said, “Though most students head home for the gift giving, my main purpose for going to Mexico is to participate in the Posadas. These are faith-based festivities that are culturally centered. During these events, we recognize the Stations of the Cross and venerate the saints. That to me is more important than the exchanging of gifts.”

The semester break starts Dec. 13 and runs until the spring semester begins Jan. 20.