Quiznos files bankruptcy; campus location to remain open

Ethan Metcalf

quiznos-logoThe Denver-based creators of the toasted submarine sandwich filed for bankruptcy in early March this year, but Michael Clifton, director of dining services, said the corporate restructuring will have no effect on the in the Clark Student Center.

“What’s happening is with Quiznos corporate, so they just restructured. If it’s not a corporate store then it isn’t affected,” Clifton said. “We’re not a corporate store, we’re franchise-owned and we have network suppliers that will keep us, and have kept us, supplied during this whole time so it’s not like it’s going to affect us at all.”

While there is almost always demand for new dining options on campus, Clifton said adding a new restaurant isn’t as simple as signing a contract and putting up a neon sign.

“The university only qualifies based on total enrollment, based on meal plans and based on expected returns, so from the national brand’s portfolio there’s certain restrictions and certain guarantees that have to happen. It all depends on the individual national brand,” Clifton said. “They all require different things and then there’s different agreements with their local franchisers so it gets into a nice little tangle.”

The university’s contract with food supplier Aramark is up for bid in 2015, but Clifton said he doesn’t know what changes, if any, that will bring.

“It just depends on what the university puts forth as a proposal and then if we can answer that proposal. There’s just a lot of different variables. It’s not just a simple yes or no. It’s just a process and it just depends on if the university itself hits all the parameters of whatever national brand we’re looking at,” Clifton said. “They may decide they don’t want to put anything there or they may not have a concept that will fit a smaller location. Some of them have the requirement that you carry the full menu, and some of them have “express” or smaller scale stuff, and some of them just don’t want to be on certain campuses or a campus period.”