Support, don’t condemn those with depression

People have been called cowards, wimps, and so many other insults just because they wanted to end their life. But people don't want to die for attention. It is just to stop the pain. I know from experience.No matter a person's situation, their wealth, the smiles that hide their true feelings away, … [Read more...]

Suicide prevention training hits close to home

For Payroll Director Kathy Rice, last week's training on suicide prevention hit close to home. With teary eyes and Kleenex in hand, she expanded on her personal experiences with this topic."I've been thinking about [QPR training] a lot because I had a nephew that committed suicide. It's important … [Read more...]

The best and worst day of my life

After one of a million familiar fights with my live-in boyfriend and one very hard year, I lifted the pill bottle and swallowed up what was left and then chased it with a mouthful of liquor.Then I went to bed and laid beside him.And waited.The next thing I remember, he was rushing me to the … [Read more...]

Counselors: Nothing is off limits

Tucked away at the corner of Hampstead and Louis J. Rodriguez Drive is the Counseling Center, director Pam Midgett, and certified counselors to help students with a variety of issues.“We like to say that there is really nothing that a person would want to talk about that impacts their personal life … [Read more...]

Depression at MSU: “I’ve thought about suicide”

I've thought about suicide," Yajaira Medellin, sophomore in social work, said. "I would probably do it with sleeping pills so it would be less pain. I have written several notes telling my family it's not their fault. It's not their fault because I don't tell them. I don't want to bother them with … [Read more...]

On-campus psychology clinic offers free counseling

Although the psychology clinic may not be well known around campus, it offers free counseling and low-cost assessments for various mental illnesses. Psychology professor and clinic supervisor, Michael Vandehey, hopes to de-stigmatize counseling and making it preventative.“What I wish people … [Read more...]

Under Pressure: Anxiety is more common than you think

“It’s like when you get really hungry – you can’t ignore your stomach constantly growling. It’s always there.” That’s how Catherine Stepniak, psychology and sociology junior, describes her anxiety.“Most of the time I feel like I’m about to die. I get a pounding heart, shortness of breath, nausea, … [Read more...]

Stressed? Overwhelmed? Sad?

Last year, 65 percent of college students reported stress, anxiety or depression as a factor impacting their academic performance, according to the spring 2015 National College Health Assessment.Similarly, in a survey of MSU students, faculty, staff and alumni, 77.53 percent of people reported … [Read more...]